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​Tim Ost

​​​The band formerly known as WitnessThis is now Clay House


When you see a band whose members have a passion for music, truly enjoy each other, have a blast with the crowd, and are so tightly knit that it is palpable to the audience, that's when you know the band is doing something right. You can feel it. Herein lies the heart of one of Baton Rouge's coolest bands, Clay House.

Clay House is an eclectic and dynamic mix of some of Baton Rouge's finest musicians, and we feature an array of music ranging from Funk, Rock, Pop, R&B, Country and a set list spanning several decades.

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The Band 

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​​About Us...

We are pleased to announce the release of our first single, "If You Change Your Mind." Please visit iTunes, Google Play, and CdBaby to purchase!

Shawn Roux

Bill Grass

Peary Forrest

Christine McBride